Qualitative Questions

General Questions
Company Name - Legal Entity BenefitPlan Manager, Corp.
Company Taxpayer ID Number 51-0439068
Company Ultimate Parent DUNS Number
Name - Designated Single Point of Contact Aaron Berg
Title President
Address 100 Valley Road, Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
Work Phone 973-398-8558
Fax 973-398-3080
E-mail aberg@benefitplanmanager.com
Name - Designated Legal Point of Contact Aaron Berg
Title President
Address 100 Valley Road, Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
Work Phone 973-398-8558
Fax 973-398-3080
E-mail aberg@benefitplanmanager.com
Corporate Structure
Describe your organizational structure (e.g., publicly held corporation, private non-profit, partnership, etc.) If it is incorporated, include the state in which it is incorporated. List the name and occupation of those individuals servicing on your organization’s board of directors, and list the name of any entity or person owning 10% or more of your organization

BenefitPlan Manager, Corp. is a New Jersey corporation founded in 1987 (originally called Pentech Corp.) by Aaron Berg.

Aaron Berg is the sole shareholder and is responsible for daily management and operations.

Describe your company's organization, philosophy and management with a brief history BenefitPlan Manager (BPM) was founded in 1987 on the proposition that employee benefits brokers/consultants would seek out robust benefits administration tools and services for their clients in order to obtain and retain broker-of-record. Originally, before the internet was a viable network for processing data, BPM was designed as an in-house application providing services such as carrier enrollment, invoice reconciliation and COBRA administration through a (now) primitive communication system. By 2002 the first online version of BPM was released to the brokerage/consultant community as a SAS model for management and ongoing administration by the broker/consultant. BPM's current business model in which BPM manages the broker/consultant clients evolved quickly (2005) as a result of requests by the brokerage/consultant community. From the beginning BPM recognized that the primary objective must be accurate and timely eligibility management. Over the years, BPM has become the go to benefits administration firm for complex accounts requiring close personal attention and customized reporting. BPM continues to build proprietary software focusing resources on data management, technology and the most sophisticated checks and balances.
Explain your account management structure or service model approach to servicing Broker colleagues and clients across multiple time zones and geographic areas. List the names, titles, and contact information, and operation/business hours for the team(s) providing services to Broker colleagues and/or clients

BPM's priority is the delivery of superior service to our clients. Every client is serviced by a team consisting of a senior administrator, billing associate and COBRA associate. With the 2013 opening of our data management center in Pune, India, clients now have an administration management team member in touch with their account practically 24 hours a day, Sunday night through Friday afternoon. With very few exceptions, clients interact with the team in New Jersey via telephone (phone calls are answered by a receptionist Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00 EST) and email (administrators almost always have email access). The BPM administration teams' mandate is to act on behalf of their client as though they were actually the client's in-house benefits department.

Senior Administrators in New Jersey include:
Dawn Curtin Ruggiero (16 years) druggiero@benefitplanmanager.com
Audrey Rosen (14 years) audrey@benefitplanmanager.com
Brenda Brailey (8 years) bbrailey@benefitplanmanager.com
Lisa Smith (7 years) lsmith@benefitplanmanager.com
Stacey Schaffer (10 years) sschaffer@benefitplanmanager.com
Jennifer Best (7 years) jbest@benefitplanmanager.com

All telephone contacts can be made at 973-769-1422

Provide details on any contractual relationships/third party relationship, if any, with any organization necessary to your proposal of services: (Details include: Your partnership history with the third party vendors (i.e. length of your partnership, specific services they provide versus your organization and credentials they possess for providing services) BPM does not have any contractual relationships/third party relationships and does not rely on any third party vendors for the delivery of benefit management services to our clients. BPM connects with benefit carriers and payroll vendors through EDI utilizing the format and specifications required. Our technical ability allows us to accept data in any form and ship data in the vendor's specifications. With this approach EDI is not an obstacle nor is it an extra expense to our clients.
If you provide a call center for colleague and client questions, provide details on your hours of operation, number of colleagues answering calls, and years of service in the HR/Benefits industry. Also provide call center metrics around ASA, Average hold time and return response rate to inquiries. Please provide detail on documentation trail and utilization tracking. (Please provide examples of Utilization reports) BPM does not supply traditional Call Center services to the middle market clients. We are available Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 (EST) to answer technical calls from our clients and their employees. Participant online messaging through their BPM employee portal is responded to 7 days a week. Employee questions requiring benefit consultation are referred to the broker/consultant.
Describe your company's employee background screening procedures. Please provide a copy of any policies currently in place. BPM employs a careful screening process which includes 3 personal interviews, reference checks and social media review. All new employees start in a junior support position and are placed into a training program which may last for up to 2 years. BPM currently has 5 trainees in various stages of training.
Capabilities and Scope of Services
Provide an example(s) of potential tailored solutions that may work for our request

BPM's proprietary online system promotes plan design and administration freedom.

  • Supports any plan design from any carrier and will differentiate unlimited benefit structures for both Core and Voluntary products.
  • Offers flexible employee contribution schedules based on age, compensation, length of service and dependent count (unitized).
  • Limits plan offerings to participants based on criteria such as Wellness participation, spousal coverage opportunities, nicotine usage and based on any ascertainable criteria.
  • Matches each client's definitions for eligibility waiting periods, classifications for benefits eligibility and ACA Measurement Periods
Describe your onboarding/implementation process and how the Broker servicing team would be expected to be involved.

Onboarding a new account begins with detailed conversations about the client, their structure and culture. Data gathering includes all current benefit plan features (SBC's and SPD's if available), premiums (fixed costs and COBRA equivalent rates for self-funded), employee contributions, complete employee census. Typically, we receive plan data from the Broker and employee demographics from the client. Carrier and payroll vendor contact information is required to obtain enrollment data, EDI connections and payroll integration. The client implementation can be completed in a matter of weeks with full carrier/payroll cooperation.

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Implementation Checklist
Provide a list of regional and national consultants/brokers you have existing relationships with today BPM has no formal joint marketing agreements. Broker/Consultants from whom we have received referrals include: Mercer, Alliant, Marsh Agency, BenefitMall, USI, Willis (NJ), Brown and Brown and other more regional brokers/consultants.
Provide a list of services available to the Broker and estimated pricing proposal

BPM provides comprehensive, continuous benefit administration and communication services to our clients and support services to the Broker.

Client services include: Eligibility Management, Carrier Invoice Reconciliation and Allocation, Payroll Deduction and Imputed Income Administration, Maintenance of the Employee Self-Service Homepage, ACA Required Calculations and Forms, and more.

Broker support includes Marketing Data, Open Enrollment Support, Custom Reporting and more.

The BPM Fee Schedule is based on the number of covered employees (participants). For groups with up to 150 participants, BPM's per participant per month (PPPM) fee is $8.60. As the group size increases the average fee drops.

7058157760 2048712098
Identify how your approach and product differentiates from your competitors BPM is first and foremost a benefits administration service designed to service complex accounts by discovering and then meeting the client's needs. Our proprietary web-based program is built to ensure accuracy and flexibility. To that end all data submitted to BPM or shipped from BPM is checked by an administrative team member before action is taken. We are not a "turn-key operation". Automated checks and balances are in place for all carrier file feeds, payroll data uploads, payroll deduction downloads and carrier invoices. Our ability to deliver custom services is enhanced by the fact that BPM owns and maintains a proprietary web based benefits management system.
BPM does not market directly to potential clients. 100% of our clientele has been attained through referrals. BPM's success is measured by the longevity of our client engagements and not by the number of engagements.
Please provide a copy of your sample services agreement and, if not included in the sample services agreement, please describe the insurance coverage and limits that you currently have in place BPM Agreement E&O Coverages
Describe your recovery plan of client and consultant data

  • Databases in full recovery model.
  • At-rest database backups are encrypted and copied to secondary location.
  • Database backups are regularly tested for validity.
  • Database mirroring employed to minimize downtime.
  • File Server is backed up every 4 hours to guard against encryption/ransomware based attacks.
  • File Server is backed up nightly to secondary location.
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Data Recovery
Describe your private labeling / branding capabilities for both the Broker and clients.

The BPM employee homepage as well as any e-marketing materials can be branded with the Broker's and/or the client's logo.

Branded Employee
Describe your performance guarantees/ fees at risk commitment to delivering on agreed upon service and timeline expectations. BPM is responsible for timely and accurate eligibility management including payroll deduction administration. Expenses incurred due to BPM non-performance are borne by BPM. We do not make commitments we cannot keep.
Describe your commitment to data privacy on behalf of clients and the Broker.
  • Production systems in North Bergen Equinix data center with physical safeguards. SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II compliant.
  • Data transmissions via SFTP and/or PGP
  • Alternative options: Citrix ShareFile, HTTPS upload to BPM’s proprietary site.
  • HTTP requests are redirected over HTTPS automatically.
  • Encrypted backups accessible by only three people.
  • General IT employees don’t have direct production access. Reporting access via VPN connection to reporting server.
  • SSNs and passwords are encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption.
Describe your partnerships with carriers and their products, and impact on pricing. BPM has no fee sharing arrangements.
Describe your preferred consulting pricing structure available to the Broker's clients.

BPM fees are determined by a per participant per month (PPPM) fee structure based on the size of the client. (Participants include employees covered under a benefit plan). Broker specific discounts can be anticipated based on actual volume of business (number of accounts).


Describe your minimum threshold requirements in regards to client size, minimum monthly pricing and number of broker clients. BPM's minimum client size is 100 covered employees. There is no minimum number of expected engagements from the broker.
Describe your limitations if you were selected as one of the 2-3 preferred vendors. BPM is not able to offer individually priced voluntary products, such as AFLAC, during the enrollment process. We do report these products to the participant on their Employee Homepage based on vendor enrollment reports. Payroll deduction amounts for these products are communicated to the client by the vendor.
Describe Ad Hoc charges and scenarios in which they would apply. BPM charges for custom programming if such programming is uniquely suited for the client (i.e. has no other application). Custom reporting is produced as part of the BPM service commitment.
Describe number of administrator access points available; and cost for additional access points. Access points are unlimited and do not cost extra.
Describe limitations with carriers, insurance products or thresholds in regards to offering electronic eligibility feeds. No restrictions for accounts with more than 100 participants.
Additional Information

You may provide any additional information that may be considered appropriate to this program that is not noted in the above; however, any promotional materials/information that is not directly relevant to the subject should be kept to a minimum.

Respondents should clearly outline what they believe their differentiating factors are and what they believe is their overall value proposition. Proposals that are clear and measurable at specific periods of time will receive favorable consideration during the evaluation process.

Please embed any additional information in the box to the right.

ACA - BPM has developed a coordinated approach to tracking employee Measurement Periods and Stability Periods under ACA. The BPM ACA Data Manager demonstrates monthly definitions (Full Time Status and Offer) of all employees and automatically sends electronic notification to employees fulfilling the requirements of the client's prescribed Measurement Periods (Initial and Standard). The client has access to the BPM ACA Data Manager at all times.


Process Details - The links below are designed to illustrate different aspects of the BPM experience. 8198836557 Employee
(833) 932-4707

Marketing Support - BPM is prepared to visit Broker offices to familiarize Broker consultants with BPM's benefit administration and communication approach. In addition, we are available for client meetings both web based and in person.


Yes No
Enrollment Census in Vertical Format
Customizable Self-Service Employee Portal
Mobile Accessibility (Smart Phones/ Tablets)
Document Library
Link Library
Video Library
Employee Skills Tracking
Open Enrollment and Qualified Events Management
Spanish Translation Capabilities
Hidden Paycheck / Compensation Statement
Benefit Election / Confirmation Statements
Employee Decision Support: Ability to compare plan designs, provider networks and costs
Beneficiary Management/td>
Evidence of Insurability Management
Elective Benefits Management (Voluntary Accident. Critical Illness, Hospital, etc.)
Emergency Contact Management
HR Activity History / Reporting Capabilities
HR/Client Notifications of employee changes/ qualifying events
Robust Employer Standard Reporting (Include Samples)
AdHoc Reporting Capabilities (Describe applicable fees)
COBRA Administration capabilities
FSA Administration capabilities
Leave of Absence Management capabilities
Payroll Capabilities or Connectivity
ACA Tracking and 1094/1095 reporting and filing Capabilities
Well-being / engagement activity tracking
Premium / Billing Reconciliation
Benefits Call Center Capabilities for Employees
Tech Support Call Center Capabilities for Employees
Tech Support Call Center Capabilities for Employers
New hire tracking/ onboarding capabilities
Time off tracking
Employee Surveys
HR/Administrator Training
Paystub and W2 Capabilities
Implementation Fees
Renewal Fees